Learn the Differences Between Old and New Furnaces

The heating industry has seen many technological advances over the past two decades. Older homes can benefit from the installation of a new unit. There are differences between older furnaces and new models. These modern units can help efficiently heat your home and save you money on energy bills. Here are some of the differences between old and new furnaces.

Better Efficiency

Modern furnaces are able to heat your home in a more efficient matter than older units. Technology has improved the function of the heating blower. These units are designed to push more heat over the exchanger and direct more warm air into your home. Older furnaces often use more expensive energy sources, such as electricity, to warm your home. Gas is still one of the less expensive sources for heating a home. You can also find furnaces that use other sources of fuel as well.

New Technology Is Available

New and old furnaces operate in the same general way to heat your home. However, technology has allowed modern units to operate in a more effective and efficient matter. One new component is the variable speed air handler. Older units have air handlers that only work at one speed. A variable speed air handler can run at multiple speeds throughout the day. This can help you save on energy costs for your home.

Better Venting Options

Old and new furnaces are different in the way they vent combustible gases. You may notice that older homes have vents that send air out of the roof. These older furnaces move the gases out of the home through those vents. High-efficiency furnaces get more heat out of the combustible gases, so they need a different venting process. Modern units use PVC piping that expels gas from the side of your home.

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