Facts About UV Light and Indoor Air Quality

UV lightsUltraviolet light is the highest frequency known on the visible light spectrum. UV light is almost entirely invisible to the naked eye. Most of the UV light we experience comes from the sun and causes sunburn and increased risks of skin cancer. Thankfully, most UV radiation gets absorbed by the ozone layer of our atmosphere before reaching our skin.

UV Light’s General Uses

Ultraviolet light has several uses. Ultraviolet lights have been used for biological applications, in food processing centers, and for the treatment of water. However, indoors, it is usually used for air purification. Ultraviolet air cleaners are a great defense to use in order to defend your HVAC system from allergens and bacteria that are bioaerosols, or airborne particles made up of living organisms.

How Do UV Lights Protect the Indoor Quality of Air?

UV lights and allergens have a common link. UV lights dramatically reduce allergens in indoor environments, especially when installed in an HVAC system. This is because UV air cleaners kill tiny microbes as they pass through the HVAC system, which is especially useful for the millions of Americans who suffer each year from allergies and asthma attacks from air ducts that contain allergens, mold, and fungi. UV lights are a wonderful and chemical-free way to help kill all of these molds and bacteria through the process of scrambling the DNA of the mold, bacteria, and viruses that pass through, thereby rendering them unable to multiply or perform vital cellular functions.

Installing UV Light Into Your HVAC System With a Biocide Chamber

HVAC specialists can install UV lights into your HVAC system through a biocide chamber positioned below the air conditioning unit as a tight coil inside of the duct system. This biocide chamber can then eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold as well as certain other common airborne pollutants before they recirculate into your living space.

Common airborne pollutants that biocide chambers can help to eradicate include radon, carbon monoxide, pet dander, tobacco, bacteria, mold, dust mites, and viruses. Biocide chambers are more efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, most biocide chambers stay free of germs over the course of their lifetime. Biocide chambers can also help you to save money when you purchase home insurance and reduce overall energy consumption costs.

What Should You Pair With UV Lights?

UV lights are not the only line of defense you should use for dealing with indoor allergens and mold. Instead, you should pair UV lights with a filter in order to capture any larger particulates that could be affecting the air quality of your house. Filters have the ability to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns in size, which is almost 700 times smaller than a human hair. This way, you will not have to rely solely on the UV light to destroy harmful air pollutants. UV lights paired with a filter are a deadly combination.

UV Lights Used for Purifying the Air

UV lampA few UV lighting systems utilize activated carbon cells in order to eliminate any chemical vapors or odors that could be contributing to or causing you or your loved one’s illnesses. Therefore, the effects of UV lighting can extend beyond killing microbes on the biocide chambers. It can also get rid of odors.

UV Lights for Improving the Airflow of Your HVAC System

You want to avoid straining your HVAC system. One way to do this is by using a UV light, which helps to give your equipment a boost that, in turn, ensures that your HVAC system will be operating smoothly. This will allow you to have the best airflow possible.

UV Lights for Improving the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Microorganisms can easily gather on the HVAC coil. To compensate for this, many people are tempted to operate their system for longer periods of time. However, UV lights help to effectively destroy those tiny organisms for good. In some cases, you may have to remove the coil from the appliance in order to properly clean it and improve the lifespan of your HVAC system.

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