What Are the Different Types of Furnaces?

Over our 70 years in business serving homes and businesses in the Puget Sound region, our customers have come to trust us with all things related to their HVAC systems. We are often asked the key differences between the types furnaces that are most often found in households. The following will outline the three types of furnaces and key features of each.

Central Warm-Air Furnaces

Central warm-air furnaces have a fan that blows and circulates the warmed air throughout the ducts that lead to the rooms in your home. These furnaces can be further classified into three types, based on the type of fuel they use: natural gas, oil and electric. Most furnaces in North America are powered by natural gas, though many homes have oil and electric furnaces.

Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are powered by fossil fuels that flow to your home through a municipal line. Combustion takes place in the furnace to convert gas to heat. Next, heat exchangers and blowers complete the process by warming air inside the furnace before the furnace fan circulates the warm air into your home.

Oil Furnaces

Some households do not readily have access to natural gas. Homes in these areas are often heated by oil furnaces. Oil furnaces are more common in the Northeastern United States. In an oil furnace, oil is sprayed into the combustion chamber at high pressure. A blower moves the oil along, and an electric spark causes combustion. Similar to an oil furnace, the combustion heats air that is ultimately circulated throughout the ducts that lead to each room.

Electric Furnaces

Instead of combustion, electric furnaces have electrical elements that generate heat through a series of coils. The air passes over the coils, and a furnace fan circulates the air throughout the home. While electric furnaces are eco-friendlier than oil and gas, your utility bill may be higher.

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