Facts About UV Light and Indoor Air Quality

Ultraviolet light is the highest frequency known on the visible light spectrum. UV light is almost entirely invisible to the naked eye. Most of the UV light we experience comes from the sun and causes sunburn and increased risks of skin cancer. Thankfully, most UV radiation gets absorbed by the ozone layer of our atmosphere before reaching our skin. UV Light’s General Uses Ultraviolet light has several uses. Ultraviolet lights have been used for biological applications, in food processing centers, and for the treatment of water. However, indoors, it is usually used for air purification. Ultraviolet air cleaners are a great defense to use in order to defend your HVAC system from allergens and bacteria that are bioaerosols, or airborne particles made up of living organisms. How Do UV Lights Protect the Indoor Quality of Air? UV lights and allergens have a common link. UV lights dramatically reduce allergens in indoor environments, especially when installed in an HVAC system. This is because UV air cleaners kill tiny microbes as they pass through the HVAC system, which is especially useful for the millions of Americans who suffer each year from allergies and asthma attacks from air ducts that contain allergens, mold,...

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