Controlling Static Electricity in a Home

During dry and cold weather, static electricity increases inside of a home. Did you know that you can control how much static electricity your home contains?

Here are three ways to reduce static electricity in a home:

  • Whole-home humidifier
  • Houseplants
  • Anti-static spray

How About a Humidifier?

Whole-home humidifiers reduce static electricity by evenly pushing moisture through a home at a constant and consistent level. These devices are often an important part of keeping a dry interior comfortable. A whole-home humidifier installs directly into the overall HVAC system and uses the ductwork to push moisture. A thermostat measures the levels of humidity and keeps it under control.

The following are benefits of a whole-home humidifier:

  • Low initial cost – Whole-house humidifiers are not as expensive as people think. To navigate the purchase, do a little research and contact a few companies that can provide quotes. Portable humidifiers are generally not as effective. These units will not last as long as a whole-home humidifier.
  • Energy efficient – Whole-home humidifiers cost nothing to operate but make for a comfortably cool home by putting moisture in the air.
  • Preventing health issues – In addition to eliminating static, humidifiers can reduce allergy or sinus issues.

What About Houseplants?

Houseplants and indoor greenery absorb water and release vapors in the air through pores in the leaves. Some plants are especially good at keeping moisture in the air.

The following plants will help eliminate static electricity:

  • Spider plants – The spider plant requires little sunlight and responds well to artificial light. It is hard to kill and has long leaves.
  • Aloe vera – Many people keep an aloe vera plant for health reasons. It also releases volatile organic compounds into the air and produces much-needed moisture.
  • Peace lily – Peace lilies do not require constant attention. Artificial light and weekly watering keeps them alive and reduces static within a home.

Anti-Static Spray

Companies sell spray for reducing static. However, you can also make this concoction at home. Mixing fabric softener and water in a spray bottle creates an elixir that is easy to apply to surfaces like couches, carpet, and chairs.

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