Controlling Static Electricity in a Home

During dry and cold weather, static electricity increases inside of a home. Did you know that you can control how much static electricity your home contains? Here are three ways to reduce static electricity in a home: Whole-home humidifier Houseplants Anti-static spray How About a Humidifier? Whole-home humidifiers reduce static electricity by evenly pushing moisture through a home at a constant and consistent level. These devices are often an important part of keeping a dry interior comfortable. A whole-home humidifier installs directly into the overall HVAC system and uses the ductwork to push moisture. A thermostat measures the levels of humidity and keeps it under control. The following are benefits of a whole-home humidifier: Low initial cost – Whole-house humidifiers are not as expensive as people think. To navigate the purchase, do a little research and contact a few companies that can provide quotes. Portable humidifiers are generally not as effective. These units will not last as long as a whole-home humidifier. Energy efficient – Whole-home humidifiers cost nothing to operate but make for a comfortably cool home by putting moisture in the air. Preventing health issues – In addition to eliminating static, humidifiers can reduce allergy or sinus issues....

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