What Type Of Water Heater Is Most Energy Efficient?

Water heating accounts for about 20% of a typical American household’s monthly energy bills. When it’s time to replace your old water heater, it pays to select the most energy-efficient unit that fits into your budget and has the right capacity for your needs. Use these tips to choose the most energy-efficient water heater for your South Hill, WA, home. Consider the Efficiency of Water Heater Power Sources Water heaters can be operated with solar, geothermal, electricity, natural gas, propane, or heating oil. Solar power and geothermal water heaters use a minimal amount of fossil fuels, so they’re an environmentally-friendly choice. Natural gas and propane are the most energy-efficient fossil fuel sources of power for water heaters. Electricity follows behind natural gas and propane when it comes to the energy efficiency of the power source. Heating oil is the least-efficient source of power for a water heater. You’ll also need to consider the availability and feasibility of the power source. Solar power may not be a cost-effective investment in South Hill, and geothermal may have a long payoff period. Natural gas may not be available in all locations. Propane and heating oil have variable prices. Propane and heating oil also...

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