HVAC Design and Why It’s Important

Most homeowners need to realize how much work is put into designing an HVAC system to fit their home when installing it. Every home has a different size and layout and different electrical, plumbing, and HVAC needs. Because every home is so different, your HVAC system should be designed to fit your home and its heating and cooling needs. Here are some of the things that go into designing an HVAC system for your home. Your Home Is a System When designing your HVAC system, your house is considered a system made up of interrelated parts. Each part significantly impacts how your HVAC system will be laid out to best fit your heating and cooling needs. The first part of the system is the building envelope. This is made up of the temperature and pressure barriers set up within your home. This includes the floors, walls, roof, windows, doors, and insulation. Within the envelope, some things can affect HVAC operation, including appliances that can emit heat. Heat-emitting appliances can often result in hot and cold spots within your home. For example, a kitchen is usually a hot spot in your home due to the oven, especially when in use. Certain...

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