What is a Heat Exchanger and How Does is Work?

Most homeowners usually take the functions of furnaces and boilers for granted until something goes terribly wrong. When these appliances are in good working condition, it can be quite easy to forget the components that allow them to do this. Most people are unaware that the heat exchanger is basically the most important part of boilers and furnaces. So, what exactly is a heat exchanger and what does it do? Read on to find out! What Is a Heat Exchanger? A heat exchanger is basically a device that facilitates the transfer of heat between two or more fluids. This usually takes place without letting the two fluids mix together. It is important to note that heat exchangers can be found in all sorts of appliances and industries. For instance, you can find heat exchangers in power plants being used to recycle heat in the waste gases or being used to heat swimming pools. Additionally, heat exchangers can also function in the opposite way. Heat exchangers can also be used in air conditioners and refrigerators to draw heat from mediums and keep compartments cool. How Does a Heat Exchanger Work? When your boiler or furnace is ignited and starts burning natural...

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