3 Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace This Winter

The winter months, especially in the northwestern region of the United States, can be brutally long and cold. It will also be very taxing on your home’s furnace. Your furnace is going to run a lot through these frigid months, which is why it’s important to provide the special attention and care it needs to be ready to work through the long haul. 1. Have It Ready to Go When You Need It You will have great peace of mind knowing that your furnace is in tip-top condition the moment it is needed. For a thorough inspection and maintenance regimen, hire professionals for the job. This is a cost-efficient way of ensuring the long life and efficiency of your furnace. General maintenance might include: Inspecting and testing all important components Lubricating mechanical components Thoroughly cleaning the equipment Checking fuel supply Looking over all elements of the system (i.e. ducts, vents, registers, etc.) Preparing your furnace can make for smooth sailing in the winter. 2. Clean Your Furnace and Monitor Its Performance You can take measures to keep your furnace running efficiently through the winter. For instance, always make sure to replace the air filter once every couple of months. Your...

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