Ways to Keep Every Room in Your Home Cool

Homes can suffer from uneven coolness for a wide variety of reasons. You might find that one room in your home is freezing cold while another is too hot to spend time in during the summer.

This type of uneven cooling can cause your energy bills to go up and your home to be an uncomfortable place. There are several things that you can do to improve the evenness of the temperature in your home.

Solving Uneven Cooling Issues

One of the most common causes of uneven cooling is blocked vents. If a vent is being obstructed by a piece of furniture, it can prevent cool air from entering the room. Closed vents can also block air, so make sure that all of your vents are completely open.

Issues with your ductwork system can also lead to uneven cooling. Dirt and debris on your AC filters might prevent air from passing through and cooling down specific rooms in your home. Swapping out dirty filters for clean ones can increase the overall energy efficiency of your entire HVAC system by improving air circulation.

Holes in ducts are another culprit. Even small holes may cause cool air to exit the system in the walls instead of in rooms. Having a professional from Puyallup Heating & Air Conditioning take a look at your ductwork can ensure that there aren’t any issues with the system.

In some cases, a system is simply too small or old to adequately cool a large building. If your air conditioner isn’t big enough, it won’t have the power to keep your space cool. An HVAC professional can evaluate your air conditioning needs and offer advice about your current unit.

A Trusted HVAC Company

Puyallup Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a locally owned and operated company with a reputation for excellence in Puyallup, WA. With our high level of experience, we can repair, install, or maintain any type of air conditioning or heating system that you have. To explore our cooling services, give us a call today.

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