Fixing Uneven Cooling in Your Home

If you have a home with multiple stories, you may notice uneven cooling issues in the summer. Consider the steps below that you can take to address uneven cooling in your home. Unblock Your Vents One of the easiest solutions to get more cool air into rooms is to make sure all the vents are clear. Clutter and objects can block the vents and restrict airflow. If the top floor is considerably warmer, you may want to shut off some vents on the lower levels. This will help redirect the cool airflow upward. Also, check to make sure that the upper vents are switched open. Turn the Fan On Try changing the fan settings on your system from “Automatic” to “On”. This ensures that the air in your home continues to circulate even when not being actively cooled. This may result in a slight increase in your electric bill because the automatic setting only turns the fan on when the air conditioning is active. Check Your Ducts for Leaks A professional can take a look at your ductwork to check for any cracks. Cracks in the ducts that allow air to leak out. This leaking cool air will not reach...

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