How Long Does an Average Toilet Last in a Home?

Theoretically, a toilet can last until its porcelain cracks, which could be 50 years or more. That doesn’t mean that you as a homeowner want it to last that long, however. A number of factors may influence you to replace your toilet. These factors include environmental sensitivity, economics and personal taste. Eco-Friendliness Older toilets use as much as six gallons in a single flush. That means that a single person who uses the toilet five times a day is going to waste approximately 30 gallons of water unnecessarily. The new standard set by the federal government dictates that toilets should use no more than 1.6 gallons in a single flush. A number of low-flow toilets are on the market today. These include the following: Composting toilets Sink/toilet combos WaterSense-certified toilets Dual-flush toilets WaterSense is an EPA program that assesses the efficiency of water-using equipment much the same way that ENERGY STAR programs evaluate electrical efficiency. A WaterSense logo on a toilet indicates that the device uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. Dual-flush toilets have options that allow you to select how much water you want to use with each flush. Composting toilets use no water at all and aren’t practical...

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