3 Thermostat Best Practices for Fall

Fall can be a confusing time for your home’s heating and cooling system. As the daily temperature jumps from warm to chilly and back again, you may find yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat. To make things easier, the technicians at recommend following a few thermostat best practices this season. 1. Stick to a Schedule If you have a programmable thermostat, it’s beneficial to program the temperature settings early in the fall and stick with them. A consistent schedule helps your control system work at peak efficiency and comfort. This is because your thermostat has a chance to gradually rise to your desired temperature as opposed to having to accommodate a sudden, drastic change. 2. Get a Programmable Thermostat If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, fall is the perfect time to upgrade to one. Fall and winter are the most active seasons for your furnace, and adding a new thermostat will reduce your energy consumption and utility bills. Plus, you’ll have more control over your home’s heating needs to maximize your comfort during cold weather. Newer “smart” units have additional features like Wi-Fi connection, so you can update your settings on the go. 3. Replace the Batteries Most wall-mounted thermostats...

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