What Causes Heating Repairs?

is a heating company in Puyallup, and we respond to a wide range of repairs. Customers often ask us what caused the problem and if it could have been avoided, and with that in mind, let us consider the leading causes and what you can do about them. Normal Wear and Tear Your modern furnace or heat pump is a complex piece of equipment with moving parts and finely calibrated electronics. It is subject to vibrations and other wear, and over time, that deterioration will lead to a fault or failure. This is the reason seasonal tune-ups are so important. Tune-ups can undo that wear at a reasonable cost, before it manifests into something more serious. Unnecessary Wear and Tear Heating equipment can be subject to undue wear and tear as well. A furnace that is improperly sized for a home, for instance, will be overworked and thus have a shorter life span. Likewise, if you have a fixed-speed blower and disrupt the pressure balance, the blower will work harder and fail sooner. Inadequate Filtration Not replacing air filters on time is another way that you can increase pressure. Dirty air filters present another problem. They become compromised and allow...

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