Common Causes of Furnace Electrical Problems

Coils and other components are used to generate heat in electrical furnaces. Some units use fans to distribute the heat while others use radiant heating elements to warm a room. These furnaces are different from forced air units found in many homes. Electrical furnaces also have different issues from the gas-powered models. Here are the top three causes of electric furnace problems in your home. 1. Electrical Shorts If your furnace isn’t producing any heat, then you may have an electrical short in the system. These shorts can cause a power failure in some units. Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and even a bad fan motor can drain power away from the furnace. You’ll need the services of a trained heating technician to find the issue with your system. With the right inspection, you can replace the component and get your electric furnace back to work. 2. Clogged Air Filters Clogged filters can cause many problems in your system, including a lower amount of heat expelled from the unit. This problem is different than a furnace that produces no heat. The furnace can still heat, but it’s not at the level that’s comfortable for your home. Low heat can make your...

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