What Is the Ideal Temperature for Home Air Conditioning in the Summer?

There’s no denying that summertime can bring some very hot weather. As it starts to make us uncomfortably sweaty, we rely on our home air conditioning systems to keep us nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, these systems can be quite costly to run if not run in an optimal manner. Using a Programmable Thermostat In order to set your thermostat to its most optimal efficiency, you’re going to need a programmable thermostat. Most newer air conditioning systems come with a programmable or smart thermostat. If your system still has an old dial regulator, you really should consider upgrading to a programmable one. The trick to optimal efficiency with a programmable thermostat is being able to set different temperatures depending on whether you’re at home or not. When you’re at home, you want to keep your house at a comfortable temperature so that your family can relax while they’re indoors. However, when none of your family members are home, it makes sense not to have your air conditioner running. That’s simply a waste of energy and your hard-earned money. A smart thermostat takes efficiency to a new level. In addition to programming your schedule into your thermostat, you can control it remotely....

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