Are HVAC Maintenance Contracts Worth The Money?

For over 70 years, has been helping the residents of Puyallup and the southern Puget Sound area keep their homes comfortable throughout the year. Our skilled technicians have worked with hundreds of heating and cooling systems of every make and model. If there is one thing that we would want our customers to know, it is the importance of annual maintenance for your home-comfort equipment. Nevertheless, we have customers who try to skip this vital service to save a little money. The long-term financial benefits of a maintenance contract far outweigh any short-term gains of going without it. When you become a preferred customer at by signing onto one of our contracts, you will see significant savings over the long haul. Benefits for Your Heating System Your furnace works hard during the winter months to keep your home comfortable. Over time, the heat and vibration of regular operation will cause it to work less efficiently. You may notice that you use more fuel to maintain your home. During an annual inspection, our technicians will check out your whole system and make the small adjustments that will keep it running at its best. They will replace clogged filters that can restrict...

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