How To Humidify Your House In The Winter

During winter, naturally lower humidity levels and more time spent running a heater can lead to low humidity inside your house. Once relative humidity drops below about 40%, it can be quite unpleasant. Low humidity can cause respiratory issues, rough skin and hair, and static electricity shocks. It may also harm your home by causing wood to shrink or warp. If you want to avoid all the unpleasant effects of low humidity, follow these helpful methods. Dry Your Laundry on an Indoor Line When it gets cold, consider using a clothes drying rack inside. This allows the moisture from your freshly washed laundry to naturally humidify your home. Just remember to place the clothes near a radiator or heating vent since it might take them a long time to dry otherwise, and if the clothes aren’t near the heating vent, the moisture won’t disperse into the home as well. If you feel like it still takes too long to dry clothes on the line, consider drying them halfway in the dryer and then letting them air dry the rest of the way. This can still boost humidity quite a bit. Weatherproof Your Home When your home is not weatherproofed, your...

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