Common Reasons Your Heating Bill is Too High

Your heating bills will naturally rise during the fall and winter, but there’s a reasonable limit to that change. When that limit is exceeded, you know that something is wrong. Below are some common reasons for unusually high utility bills. Blocked Airflow It could be that you’ve neglected to replace your air filters or clean your air ducts. A piece of furniture may be blocking a vent. Whatever the case, an airflow problem will put stress on the heater and raise your bills. One way to detect an airflow problem is to check for cold spots and other signs of uneven heating. An Overused Heater The more you run your heater, the higher the bills will be. The problem is that many run it when it’s not really necessary; for example, some people keep the heat on when sleeping or out of the house. Programming the thermostat and keeping the temperature at a moderate 65 degrees or so will help you save on your bills. An Old or Oversized Heater Whether you own a packaged system, heat pump, or furnace, it will decrease in efficiency the older it gets. This tends to have an impact on heating bills. In addition,...

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