How to Locate Cold Air Leaks in Your Home

Most homes have leaks in them that can let in cold air during the winter. These leaks can cool down your house and drive up your winter energy bills. At in Puyallup, WA, we believe that it’s important to find and fix these leaks so that you can stay comfortable and save money in the long run. We’d be happy to assess the source of any potential cold air leaks in your residence. Use Your Hands The skin on your hands can be used to find some of the larger air leaks in your home. Choose a cold day when the inside of your house is warm. Run your hand around the edges of any doors or windows that open to the exterior of your home. If you feel any cold air, it’s likely an air leak. You can also use your hand to check air vents, fans, and electrical outlets. Light a Candle A flickering candle flame is an excellent indicator of an air leak. After turning off your central heating system, light a candle and move it along any electrical outlets, baseboards, or phone jacks. Use an Air Leak Detector For a more accurate assessment of air leaks,...

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