How To Save Money On Your Water Bill This Winter?

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How to Cut Water Bills During the Winter

Anyone concerned about their finances might consider ways to cut back on expenses. Cooking at home and reviewing other discretionary expenditures could help, but some of the highest costs are those associated with living in a home. For many, paying high water bills each month can drain their savings. With winter approaching, it might be a good idea to consider some ways to reduce water bills.

Watch the Faucet Usage

If you’re like many people, you may turn on the faucet at the sink and let the water run before using it. Even letting the faucet run for a few additional seconds adds up over a month. Shutting off the faucet when not using the water cuts back on that waste.

Upgrading the faucet could be another helpful way to save money. Low-flow faucet heads designed for better efficiency may pay for themselves by cutting those bills.

Take Shorter Showers

Long, hot showers can be relaxing. They could also be quite costly. Spending too much time in the shower allowing the water to run too long may waste quite a bit of water. As for bathtubs, keep levels low to save water.

Upgrade to an Efficient Toilet

Every time someone flushes the toilet, more water is required to replace what went down the sewer drain. Older toilets might not be as efficient, but newer, low-flush models present a design that reduces waste. Many new toilets offer two levels of flush capabilities, one for solids and one for liquids. This can help to reduce water use per flush even further.

Use Water-Saving Appliances

A lot of water could end up wasted when using a dishwasher or washing machine that is not full. Instead of using the washing machine twice with half loads, wait to do a full load. When seeking a new washing machine or dishwasher, look at the amount of water used per cycle. This can help you to choose an efficient option that is designed to conserve water.

Take Steps to Winterize the Plumbing System

A burst pipe could lead to massive water waste. Not only does this impact the water bill, but there may also be costly repairs to make. Investing in several comprehensive winterizing steps might keep a catastrophe like this from happening.

Make sure that your outdoor spigots are drained and shut off during the winter. If you have pipes that travel through unheated areas like crawl spaces, keep them insulated. If it has been a few years since your Puyallup home has seen freezing temperatures, ask your plumber during an inspection whether they feel that you have winterized your home sufficiently. They can help you to find piping that is likely to freeze.

Repairing any Plumbing Leaks

Water leaking from faucets and valves can cost a lot over time. Even if a drip seems small, it can create a large increase in your water usage. If you have a leak or a drip, call a professional plumber to evaluate and fix it quickly.

A leak might not be visible, but the telltale signs could exist. Often, your first clue that you have a leak is an unexpected increase in your water bill. You may hear water running or dripping in the walls or see water spots. Having the issue checked could avoid disasters. You can also turn off all water in the home and check the meter. If there is a large leak, you will see the numbers running. If it is a smaller leak, write down the number and wait an hour or two to see if it has changed.

Request a Plumbing Inspection

Asking for a plumbing inspection every two years might deliver helpful preventive maintenance before any other issues arise. Plumbers will check the condition of visible pipes, valves, and connections to appliances like your washer and dryer. They can measure your water pressure in different locations to determine if there is a likely blockage due to corrosion. They will also look at your home’s ability to drain wastewater. In some cases, they may wish to put a scope into your drainage system. Keep in mind that if you have a septic system, only a plumber who is certified to examine and maintain this system should be inspecting this part of your home’s water disposal system.

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